That's a wrap! The 2015 season of The Haunt at Rocky Ledge has ended. Wow, what a season!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who visited us this season! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! With each passing season, we are excited to witness how much this event has grown and we are so thrilled to be a destination for all things scary!

It takes a dedicated crew to put on a production of this size and we are proud of and grateful for our wonderful crew members! Thank you to our dedicated staff including actors, managers, security, parking lot attendants, and makeup professionals. Without your hard work and commitment, this event would truly not be what it is today. You are all so talented!

We also want to thank our families, who stand by us while we are farming corn, building sets, and then working the event and scaring all of you during weekends in October.

Now that our 6th season is in the books, it’s sometimes hard to believe how this whole thing got started! Back in 2010, when we first opened the gates, we didn’t know what to expect and it is because of you that we are able to provide this type of entertainment in Westchester County!

We look forward to many more years of sharing our passion of fright with all of you. We thank you for your support and we are looking forward to seeing you next October!

We also want to thank the Rocky Ledge Swimming Association and Mansion on Broadway.

Best wishes for a great year ahead,
Rich, Mike, Mat, and Marc

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Experience a full night of LIVE frightening entertainment! Westchester County's premier haunted attraction is celebrating it's 6th season of terrifying scares in White Plains, NY! The Haunt at Rocky Ledge is a frightening attraction that combines the outside element with the indoors! This event features two mind-blowing haunted houses, a long terrifying walk through the woods, and the only haunted cornfield in Westchester! Be prepared for a nightmarish good time as you lose yourself on the eight acre property!

Testimonials from last year's survivors:

I'm still recovering from last night!!! Great, great time!

- Alyson M., 2014

It was amazing from the start! So much fun! The best haunted house ever!

- Sacha V., 2013

My favorite part was EVERYTHING!

- Valerie W., 2014

It was terrifying!

- John S., 2014


- Jeff B., 2014

From the start to finish, you just never know whats going to happen. Screams, yells and running scared is what I love and that's what my group received!

- Rasheen D., 2013

It was pretty scary, especially the cornfield! I really recommend this place, you guys did a great job!

- Ron Z., 2013

My second year and it never disappoints! Kudos to the magician, to all the actors on the trail and in the houses, and to the scariest clown I've ever encountered (whom we christened Bubbles"). Last night was awesome!

- Nicole G., 2013

Best haunted house I've been to! My girlfriend was terrified, she couldn't even walk through on her own. I had to push her the entire way through. She screamed so loud my eardrums hurt...

- Jason F., 2013

OMG amazing!!!!! I am definately going next year!

- Laura P., 2013

I laughed, I cried, I ripped my pants!

- Edwin P., 2014

It was a scary show, what did it for me was mostly the stuff in the haunted house, especially the girl in the insane asylum

- Mike O., 2014

Last night was amazing we started out as a group of 4 and ended up sparking a friendship with two other people and became a group of 6. It was amazing from the start. Soo much fun.!

- Sacha V., 2013

I LOVED IT... I sprained my ankle the first night running from the chainsaw and I still went back a week later!

- Renae W., 2013

Thank you guys for a great night! Loved the haunt and the story! I will definitely be returning.

- David C., 2014

First time here and LOVED it!!!

- Elaine F., 2014

I was terrified last night! So much fun!

- Chanelle H., 2013

Are you ready for us?

We sure are... We can't wait to hear your screams this October!